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The Institute has a long history to providing consultancy services to private companies and to Government institutions. One of the outstanding examples is the School Driver Training Programme (SDTP) which was developed in the late 1980s. The Institute was involved in the development of the programme and later during the implementation of the programme trained the instructors. As a matter  of fact the Advanced Driving Course was one of the most important input documents used in the development of the School Driver
Training Programme
. We have advised company in the establishment of driver training programmes and mining companies in the streamlining of personnel traffic flow.

The Institute gives tailored advice, guidance and support to our client in implementing the proposals by using local and international expertise to ensure a service of the highest standard possible.

Large projects follow a strict process in order to ensure their success and compatibility with the set requirements.

Initial Investigation which includes problem identification, needs analysis, developing alternative solutions
Feasibility Study
SWOT Analysis if necessary
Design Development Test whereby the system will be           implemented on trial basis
Review and Final Approval
Implementation and Training
(of the personnel involved)
Support which includes control, validation and evaluation of the program and implemented structures.

Our Consultancy specialises in the fields of developing driver training programs, streamlining traffic flow and investigations into operational activities and functions with respect to motorised and non-motorised vehicles.

How to use our consultancy service

If you would like to commission work from us then please

(1) Contact us by telephone 086 010 9251
or via email consultancy@advanced-motoring.com

(2) We will have a first discussion to determine the scope of work

(3) On the basis of the results of the discussions we    will develop a project proposal which serves as basis for the contract.

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