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The Development of Advanced Motoring
and Professional Driving

Obtaining a driving license is simply the foundation for the ability of driving a motor vehicle. Already in the early stages of the development of the motor vehicle it was realised that some form of further training was  needed to add to the knowledge and experience gained since passing the  driving test.

From this notion  emerged the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), which was formed on the  initiative of a few concerned motorists in Great Britain in 1956.

The basis and the  heart of the training formed the Police Drivers’ Manual of the London  Metropolitan Police, which was adopted as the IAM standard.

Only four years later the Institute of  Advanced Motorist of South Africa was established, first as a voluntary organisation formed by a few motor enthusiasts and in 1964 as a nonprofit company.

Requests for  Advanced Driver Training came soon after the inauguration of the Institute  from other Southern African countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

Subsequently the  Institute was renamed in 1991, becoming the Institute of Advanced  Motorists of Southern Africa.

The principle aim  of the Institute has not changed over the years: to improve the  standard of driving vehicles of all classes thereby advancing the cause and attainment of road safety in Southern Africa.

In pursuit of this aim the Institute conducts driver training and educational programmes for  the ordinary motorist, for drivers of company vehicles as well as specialised training programmes for  police, fire and ambulance services and the security industry.

Due to the  long-standing and extensive experience in driver training, the Institute  has been called to act as advisory to the development of the K53, which is  the testing standard for the driving license in South Africa, and of the School Driver Education Programme (SDEP).

From the Advanced  Driving Course, which is still the heart of the training programmes of the  Institute, other courses and services have emerged to meet the  requirements of Government institutions, commerce and industry. Today SAQA Qualification 50285 - the national certificate for Professional Driving - is one of the key training programs of the Institute.

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