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The Institute has a long history to also providing additional services to private companies and to Government institutions.

Today we offer besides the general consultancy two services to the public - the Driver Evaluation and the Accident Review.

Driver Evaluation

The issue date of the driving license will not give any indication about the driving performance. It will not tell anything about bad habits which have developed over the time, it will not tell if the driver is capable of handling critical traffic situations nor if he or she is driving economically. The Driver Evaluation will give the employer . or prospective employer - a good indication what he can expect from the driver and if he rather puts the driver through a training program than to risk an accident.

Elderly people often want to know if they are still in the position to drive safely and initiate such a Driver Evaluation by themselves.

Accident Review

It is part of our natural self-defense to claim after an accident that we could do little or nothing to avoid the accident. And, of course, it was not our fault. The others have done it or it was caused by some odd circumstances beyond our control.

An employer, however, wants to know what really went wrong with respect to the driving behaviour. He has to know to make a decision whether the driver needs some further training or if there are other problems which have to be solved quickly so that such an accident with all its consequences will not happen again.

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