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SAQA Qualification 50285: National Certificate - Professional Driving

    The purpose of the Qualification is to ensure professional  driving competence.

The Qualification, once obtained, benefits driver and employer equally.

The Qualification will be improving the earning capacity of professional  drivers and is set to create an environment for growth and  development of learners by improving the employment prospects and market competence of drivers.
Awarding a formal qualification to the drivers in recognition of their professional competence will enhance the professional status of drivers of commercial vehicles. This qualification is designed to allow maximum access to, mobility and progression within the career path of learners in the transport industry.
Competence achieved in this  qualification provides building blocks towards NQF level 4 qualifications and the inclusion of communication, language and mathematics literacy contributes to the development of the learner  beyond simply the requirements of professional driving and thus the  driver constitutes an even greater asset to the employing company.

The drivers create through their driving competency economic growth for the vehicle  owner as the vehicle owner can rely on well trained drivers who are not only able to drive a vehicle with competence but also understand the role and function of the driver in the economic process.

The National Certificate: Professional Driving is categorised NQF Level 03. At least 122 credits are required to be awarded the National Certificate. Learners who had been awarded the National Certificate: Professional Driving or selected Unit Standards within this Qualification will be recorded on the National Learners’ Records Database (NLRD). 

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